【Press Release】 Metagen Therapeutics Raises 140M JPY in Pre-Series A For Its Microbiome Drug Discovery

10.06.2022 Yamagata, Japan—Metagen Therapeutics Inc. (President and CEO: Taku Nakahara; Headquarters: Yamagata, Japan; hereinafter referred to as ‘MGTx’) is developing multiple pipelines for gastrointestinal diseases and immune system disorders through its cutting-edge microbiome science. In June of 2022, the company raised a total of 140M JPY in its Pre-Series A round. Investors including Fast Track Initiative, Inc., JAFCO Group Co., Ltd, and the Keio Innovation Initiative, Inc.

The funds in this round will be used to launch an ‘intestinal microbiota bank’ for the implementation of Fecal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT) and for the research and development of the intestinal microbiota drug discovery program.

■Comments From Investors

We are very happy to continue our support for Metagen Therapeutics who has the best microbiome science team in Japan aiming to deliver new medical treatments to society through FMT and FMT-based drug discovery. The company is progressing at an astonishing speed and notable members have joined including Mr. Terauchi, CSO of Metagen, who has extensive experience in drug discovery research. In order to deliver new solutions to ‘life’ and ‘healthy living’, I am determined to contribute to the company’s progress, along with our supportive team members.

–Takashi Futami, Principal at Fast Track Initiative

Microbiome transplantation is being recognized in the United States and Europe to improve dysbiosis, with no alternative means of treatment. Metagen Therapeutics is a microbiome platform led by Mr. Nakahara, bringing together gastrointestinal internal medicine KOLs, bacteriologists, bioinformaticians, and researchers in live bacteria drug discovery, all with top achievements in each field in Japan. I am honored to be part of the team at this time. JAFCO will give its utmost support to the creation of innovative treatments and pharmaceuticals that will change the standard of healthcare from the world’s top scientists in bacteriology.

–Mr. Taira Kobayashi, Principal at JAFCO Group, Industry-Academia and Life Science Investment Group

Metagen Therapeutics has top runners in intestinal microbiota research in Japan. We have made an additional investment in this round, as we are confident that this team will be able to deliver FMT, a new treatment method, to patients suffering from intractable diseases nationwide. I am thrilled to be able to join Metagen in their implementation of FMT and the challenges of microbiome drug discovery.

–Mr. Masato Torii, Principal, Keio Innovation Initiative, Medical Healthcare

■From Taku Nakahara, President and CEO
Metagen Therapeutics was founded in January 2020 with the mission of ‘continuing to fulfill the wishes of patients through microbiome science’. Our business aims to promote meaningful impact on society through our collaboration with many colleagues inside and outside the company including researchers at Juntendo University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, and Keio University. Last year in (2021), we were selected for the [Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development’s] AMED project, and from April of 2022, MGTx established a joint research course, the “Microbiota Regeneration Course” with Juntendo University, and the system to promote the two-wheeled business of drug discovery and medical care has greatly improved. In Pre-Series A, in addition to continued support from Fast Track Initiative and Keio Innovation Initiative both with a rich history in investment and development in university-launched ventures, JAFCO, the largest independent VC in Japan with a proven track record in industry-academia collaboration, has joined us as a new member of MGTx. Backed by a solid investor team of investors and researchers, MGTx will strive to deliver new solutions to patients through microbiome drug discovery as quickly as possible.

About Metagen Therapeutics
Metagen Therapeutics (MGTx) is a university-launched venture business based out of Yamagata, Japan. The company was founded in 2020 with the mission of “continuing to fulfill the wishes of patients through microbiome science”. MGTx has been accelerating its exploratory research on intestinal microbiomes and its symbiotic relationship with various diseases such as cancer, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease and Parkinson’s disease, aiming to create social impact through medical care and drug discovery. The company is led by top researchers in microbiome science from academic institutions including Juntendo University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, and Keio University. For more information, go to https://dc2qp915hyvdf.cloudfront.net or follow us on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/metagentx/. For press inquiries or investor inquiries, please email: pr@dc2qp915hyvdf.cloudfront.net